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Gun Clubs and Associations
Many clubs across the land would like to increase the revenue of the club so that money may be put back into the Association for improvement of the grounds. Also administrative costs and legal fees need to be generated to help keep the club protected. Holding club level and major matches is the best way to generate membership and bring in money while everyone has a great time. I can save your club lots of agony and frustration with my Running Matches Module. This course is two, four hour courses with a scored match of your choice on the second visit. You will be up and running in record time and be profitable within the first year. This course will take away many of the failures that clubs go through every year.

If your club would like to host a major shooting event such as a state championship or regional match, but do not have the equipment or manpower then call us about our MatchRunners program today. We can bring the props, targets, stands, and all the equipment to run a match for your club. You provide the facility, the insurance and the dates. We take care of entry registration, match set up, match direction and rules, tear down, and scoring within 30 minutes of last shot fired. Your club provides up to 8 qualified Range Officers that shoot the match for free. Your club generates income and a reputation for hosting a great match. Call today for fees regarding our MatchRunners program today!!

Sporting Goods Business
If you are in retail, I do not have to tell you how hard it is to get and keep personable people to work your counter. Many shops suffer here as the budget is not there for an expensive payroll. The hired help  might like guns, but not know how to sell them and increase your bottom line. Call me today for On the Job training that will help you and your personnel. Ask about my daily rate to help with sales on an as needed basis.
Call Jim Barbour at 317-258-5545.

Before You Buy
If you are considering buying equipment then I can refer you to several good retail outlets who meet my standards in serving the shooter. Although, if you want the very best demonstration or consultation on many of the products that may work for you, then I have a lifetime of experience that will save you money, time and grief.  Call today.

I have developed several loads that can be tailored to your exact firearm. Taking all of the work, time and expense out of finding that right recipe for your specific gun is what LOADWORKINGtm is all about. Meeting you on location at the range I will sight in your firearm and help develop a handload that is perfect; complete with chrongraphing the results. Call Jim Barbour today at 317-258-5545 to schedule this consultation.

On Vacation or just want to have a fun time at an uncrowded shooting range? Then for you or the whole family check into my Trigger Time Package. I furnish the equipment, ammo, targets, safety gear and meet you at our uncrowded pistol range for a whole lot of shooting. All you have to do is show up.  I take care of everything so that you and your family can enjoy this neat adventure without the noise, intimidation, and crowded spaces with high range fees and unsafe conditions. Call 317-258-5545 today for this opportunity.

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