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Fast & Efficient Firearms Training!

With lessons starting at $89.00, there’s no reason you can’t get the education you need to be a responsible handgun owner. Anyone can instruct, but I have found that my method of training is fast and efficient. Even if you’ve already had some firearms instruction, including military or police, you will benefit from my training methods. It’s not just what you learn, but how you learn it.

Level I
Our lesson begins with basic gun handling skills. We’ll discuss equipment that works and which ones to avoid. I will show you the one most important thing on your body in regards to professional handling of a firearm. Proper grip, correct stance, sight pictures and quality presentations are just some of the few topics that we work on. We also cover safety, ballistics and proper care and storage for your firearm. You will need about 50 rounds of ammunition for this course.

Level II
Starting with a recap of Level I we now get into much more range time including firing under stress, conditions of carry, target engagement. We’ll work on eliminating any bad habits and do a drill that will require about 100 rounds of ammunition.

Level III
Recapping Levels I and II, we now move into shooting while moving, reloading the firearm quickly, and shooting from behind cover. We’ll discuss reholstering, the draw, and recovering from malfunctions. In addition, we can do a consultation and enhancement of your equipment. You will need about 150 rounds of ammo for this level.

Level IV
We’ll begin by testing and recapping earlier Levels then go into a full blown course of fire. You will be given scenarios that will require you to engage targets at random distances. We will cover shooting one handed, precision shooting for scoring, long distance and speed shooting. Additional topics include proper introduction to the Shooting Sports and hand loading cartridges. You will need about 200 rounds of ammo for this course.

Certified NRA Basic Training Course
I offer the NRA Basic Pistol Training Course once a year and with a minimum of 4 attendees. They start at 8:00AM and finish about 4:00PM. Silence all cell phones and you may bring your own firearms unloaded to the class. If you want to take this certified course please check the NRA class listing online.

Reloading Ammunition Training Module
If you would like for me to visit your shop or home to help set up and get started in reloading I charge $89.00 for the first visit and subsequent visits are billed at $89.00 an hour. You can also visit my work shop for a consultation on reloading for $89.00.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Firearms and Equipment
At your place or mine, I  train for the care, maintenance and cleaning of your firearm. I furnish the products, supplies and tools for the demonstration.

Please Call Jim Barbour today at 317-258-5545 to get on target.

Barbour Shooting Service will only accept shooters who can legally own a firearm in the state in which they reside. Shooter will be required to sign a release of liability.
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